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Virtual Book Events

Hello, folks!

We are all pivoting and changing and growing during these times of social isolation. Lots of exciting opportunities to engage with authors from the comfort of your own home. Check in on this page reguarly to see if we have added something new to our line-up of virtual events. 


3/31 - Tuesday @ 3pm EST - Taylor Brown - PRIDE OF EDEN 


"Let's Keep Our Minds Healthy with Reading!"

Dear loyal customers and friends,

Each of us are probably counting the stack of books on our nightstands making sure we have enough to get us through should we become housebound in this pandemic. We are certainly here for you in these increasingly uncertain times. To try and make it easier for you to plump up your stack we are offering free shipping to your home or business if you choose not to come in the store. We will run books to your car in front of the store or deliver to your house if possible.

If there is one thing we can always count on it is the importance of books and literature in our lives no matter the state of the world. Union Ave Books and our booksellers are here for you. Please let us know if you need a book suggestion or want to order it for pick up or deliver or free shipping or for pick up in the store. Or you may have an elderly or sick friend in need of a book that we can ship to.


We’re keeping our hands washed and counters clean.

Let’s keep our minds healthy with reading.


We are here for you.

Be safe.


~ Flossie