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Public Books Circle

A Partnership with University of Tennessee Humanities Center.

Would you like to attend a terrific book discussion led by a UT expert without leaving your home?

The UT Humanities Center has formed a regional partnership with Union Avenue Books, downtown Knoxville’s Independent Bookstore, to create a free public book discussion. The meetings feature a UT faculty expert who will lead the discussion and provide key insights on the texts.

Participants must buy their books from Union Ave Books. At a date announced on our media outlets, participants who have purchased the text can join a University of Tennessee faculty member in an online book discussion via Zoom. Our UT faculty read widely and deeply into perspectives ranging from the ancients to the moderns, from work in ancient archeology to contemporary poetry, new economic theory, and media studies. Join us to hear an expert in the field talk about the major ideas of a text that you have read, and engage in an enlightening discussion!

How it works:

  • Check the discussion schedule at this webpage, on UTHC social media, or at Union Ave Books media sites or their weekly newsletter
  • Buy your book from Union Ave Books (you can search here ). The store now offers both curbside service and home delivery and offers a 10% discount for book group books.
  • When you purchase your book, RSVP for the online masterclass discussion at and you will be sent a link to the Zoom discussion for that book.

Join us for a Zoom discussion of the book with a member of the UT faculty!

Schedule posted as follows:


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